Safety & Quality Assurance

Cymare provides marine quality, safety and security services to ensure at all times full compliance of its ships with the industry and the company best practices and standards covering the following operations:


  • Developing, implementing and maintaining the company’s safety and quality procedures and uniform standards

  • Monitoring all safety, security and environmental aspects

  • Developing internal systems in promoting a culture of quality, safety awareness and continuous improvement

  • Risk management and risk assessment practices

  • Incident and near miss investigations

  • Conducting shipboard and office internal audits and training within the ISM-ISPS-MLC scope of regulations

  • Reviewing and following up audit non-conformities and corrective actions

  • Measurement of processes and data analysis

  • Arranging and following up tanker SIRE vetting inspections

  • Providing comments on SIRE report and terminal inspection observations, implementing and following up corrective actions

  • Performing pre-vetting shipboard inspections

  • Maintaining, developing and monitoring OCIMF TMSA data input